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September 13th, 2009.

Successful Walk and Ride Event.
September 13th, 2009.

The SRL hospitality tent, with David, Barbara and Yvonne taking a break.
Bob bringing the third group over the bridge, now bridging nowt as the River Penk has been re-aligned.

P.S. Haven't seen any of these since
The SRL bridge over nowhere - truly an historic monument, or a folly, or neither? - Should we get a preservation order on this?
A narrowboat (courtesy of Anglo-Welsh) waiting to convey walkers to Stafford Boat Club for more hospitality. There were three boats available, including one from Teddesley Boat Co.
Geoff with a tape measure marking out where we think the lock foundations are.
This sign says "Basin for Boats". I can assure you the gazebo doesn't float and water and Range Rovers don't get on!
Geoff again with his Birmingham screwdriver hammering in yet another sign; "Entrance to the Aqueduct". After this picture was taken Geoff stepped backwards - can he swim?
Geoff hammering in another of his signs - "Basin for Boats". A bit previous I think, but being a plumber I'm sure he has a pipe for it.
Sign showing where we think the Lock House was. well it was difficult hammering it thru' those half house bricks.
Site of the Lock House? Well it's in the right area and there area enough bricks for one. Was it a bungalow?
David explaining the recently exposed brickwork that lead to the aqueduct to the third group (so that's where they went.)
The SRL hospitality tent with our new banner.
The SRL hospitality tent next to the public footpath sign and fence.

Norman Cooper