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Artist's impression

Marina Basin and Bridge phase gets planning approval

Staffordshire EnviroGrant Scheme award

2020 SRL Heritage Report

Strategic Plan Monitoring Report


BBC Midlands Today video
"Stafford's Lost Riverway Link video (Run the Cut series) (May 2020)".


Strategic Plan 2017-2027

Strategic Plan 2017-2027 Executive Summary

Strategic Plan 2017-2027 (PDF - 1.5 Mb)

Executive Summary (PDF - 49Kb)

Full report of Feasibility Study (PDF 11,207 Kb)

Monitoring Report 2017

Monitoring Report 2017 (July)

Archived items

Work Party -December 2019

Work Party - November 2019

Work Party - October 2019

Work Party - February 2019

Work Party - November 2018

Work Party - April 2018

Work Party - March 2018

Excavating the Basin

Work on the roadway 2017

Russell Newbury Gathering 2017

Work Party 2017

Roadway to Lock House - April 2017

Week-long Work Party - April 2016

Work Party - March 2016

Unveiling of Fingerpost - April 2015

Work Party - December 2014 - Lock House update

Work Party - November 2014

Work Party - September and October 2014

Work Party - March 2014

Work Party - December 2013

Presentation of cheque by the Mayor of Stafford Borough Council

Presentation of cheque from Stafford Boat Club

Presentation of cheque from ASDA

Uncovering the basin. March 2012

Pictures of erection of Fence around the site.

Report on Walk & Ride event on September 13th 2009 by Norman Cooper

First dig to expose brickwork. - Report by Norman Cooper

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