Stafford Riverway Link - Progress so far....

A Timeline of work

Here are the latest pictures of the work being done on the basin. More will be added as works progress.
As you scroll down you be able to go back in time and properly appreciate the work done by our volunteers.

March 6 2024. Working to level the last part of the basin floor.Just need drier weather for concreting.
Feb 2023 Digger clears last of gravel from the basin. Crushed concrete to form roadway.
2024's persistent rain caused the Rivers Penk and Sow to flood. The raised water table meant water could not drain from the basin.
This is the plan that records the progress of the concrete slabs. Lots done, but lots to do. It's not all hard work. The volunteers enjoy their tea break
Mixing is a contiuous process! David and Barry tamp the freshly vibrated concrete
In the beginnning... .. there was nothing to see